A little background

I am not a pastor, minister or bible college graduate. One may even say that I have no platform to share the gospel. However, I am a woman saved by grace and in love with Yeshua.

Throughout the years, the Lord put it on my heart to journal my experiences and all that He would teach me. Little did I know that the greatest teaching would be in Israel.

While visiting Israel, God’s love became so profound. It was then that I understood why Poppa had me journal through the process.

So, with a heart for Israel and my love for Yeshua, I created Coffee, Passport and Israel. This platform enables me to combine my love for Israel and encouraging women by sharing the love of God.

Too many women are broken and defeated because they don’t know the true, unconditional love of our heavenly father nor their identity. The enemy has blinded them to the truth and manipulated them into believing lies.

For me to remain silent is an insult to what God has done for me. What He did for me, He will do for you. He crawled with me through the trenches. He walked with me through the fire. He moved with every punch thrown at me. He took on the same scars to show His victory.

God will set you free!

Be blessed and keep pressing on….. JenJenMarie

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